Our Vision

Helping to meet the growing demand of basic needs tothe underprivileged by creating interaction between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in a simple yet effective manner.


Bread & Milk

is a Social Community project that centers on creating an awareness of basic needs within our society, whilst aiding already established feeding schemes and community developments.

Who Can Get Involved?

Feeding Schemes
- Soup Kitchens
- Outreach Programs

Community Projects
- Shelters
- Orphanages
- Nursing Homes
- Rehab Facilities
- NPO's / NGO's


Local Supermarkets

Local and Corporate Businesses

Private Individuals

- Collection Coordinators

- Activists


• Event Coordinators

For more information please contact us:

Tel: 021 824 1891

e-mail: info@breadandmilk.org

Website: www.breadandmilk.org

(Available 08:00 am – 16:00 pm,

Monday – Friday)

Our Mission

• To establish Bread and Milk depots in participating supermarkets, churches, schools, local and corporate businesses, etc.


• To partner with various events and be the social awareness & collection depot initiative for that respective event


• To aid in the collection and effective distribution of donated goods


• To utilize social media increating awareness of the basic needs, promoting other initiatives and activating individuals to support and further the cause.