Download, print, complete and submit the relevant application forms found on our downloads page


Evaluate the feasibility of establishing a depot between the selected supermarket / church / school or business and community project or feeding scheme


Participate with the physical establishment of the depot by locating the optimal positioning for the depot and promotional material in the selected supermarket /church / school or business


Organize a launch date to ensure that the public is made aware of the initiative


Transparent reporting is vital to evaluate the efficiency of the established depots, therefore monthly reporting of donations made and received is mandatory



Invite Bread & Milk to form part of your event and add that special element of‘giving back’.


Bread & Milk will:


• Set up a Bread & Milk awareness stand & collection depot


• Engage and interact with your guests to create awareness of the cause at hand


• Utilize social media to increase the awareness of your event and contributions collected at the event


• Ensure the delivery of all donations to the chosen beneficiary.


•Where possible,

Bread & Milk will

endeavor to invite your

chosen beneficiary to

come alongside them

and join the event

so that your guests can

get that close and

personal feel of what

their contributions are

really doing for their



Establish a Bread & Milk depot in your area by doing the following:


Besides collecting bread and milk donations and distributing these to the selected beneficiaries, Bread & Milk

also accepts any donations in the form of food, clothing, blankets, toys etc.


Give us a call or drop us an e-mail to collect and distribute these on your behalf.


T: 021 824 1891 or


Become an Activist

People who encourage and practice direct action to advance the vision of Bread & Milk. People driven by passion,

keen to share facts they want understood more widely, and are led by a vision for a better future. Having the belief that you can make a difference and that you have the power to do something about an issue are at the heart of creating change for the better. Passion derives from awareness.


Once you’re aware of something in the world that you believe needs fixing, changing, or overhauling, that awareness will bother you constantly and cause you to see the need everywhere, bringing a sense of responsibility with it.


Join Bread & Milk in becoming the voice and hope for the weak. Contact us today to find out how you can educate, raise awareness, and make people do something about hunger and social needs facing our World.

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